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Frequently Asked Questions

What and how do you repair the tents, inflatables, etc?

We can repair minor rips and wholes in your tent tops and sidewalls, we also offer rope and buckle replacement on your tops. For minor rips in your tents we weld patches on your tent with our vinyl welding heat gun. We can also fix your inflatable rides as well: netting issues, blown baffles, rips, tears, tie down straps, air tubes, seam issues and floor panels. When you bring in your damaged inflatables we inspect them and repair all necessary issues to get your ride back in service in a timely manner. We also offer accessories for your rentals: tent bags, side wall bags, drop cloths, sand bags, inflatable straps, and extension cord straps.

One thing we've noticed that happens more often than not is clients who bring in wet and dirty inflatables, moonwalks, bounce houses etc.

Most clients may not realize it, but this can be a huge problem. Sturdy Stitches can not repair your unit with our normal techniques if itís full of sand, covered in mold and/or wet. Repairing your inflatable while itís in either one of the conditions mentioned above can ruin our equipment as industrial grade sewing machines were not made for such conditions.

When we receive an inflatable in a condition that we can not work with, it will cost you the hourly repair rate to clean and dry your unit BEFORE we can repair it. This may end up costing you a lot of extra money, and itís just not necessary. You can save yourself a lot of frustration and money by making sure your bounce house is clean and dry when we receive it.

What about mildew and cleaning of the units?

We no longer wash tents but we do offer inflatable cleaning , winterizing and mildew treatment. We have specially designed chemicals to treat the heavily soiled spots on your units. Keep in mind that Sturdy Stitches will try its best to get all stains out of your units but doesn't guarantee that they will come out completely.

What is Inflatable winterizing?

We will open up each one of the inflatables that you bring to us inspect it for any repairs (we will contact you about any repairs needed) and thoroughly clean, vacuum, disinfect, treat any heavily soiled stains (mildew, leaf stains, rust stains, and silly string, we will make every effort to get out any of these stains but cannot guarantee that every stain will come out completely!) and of course dry them completely. We guarantee your inflatables will be dried, look better than ever, and be ready to go for your next spring time rental! We do not put the inflatables into the washing machine; they are hand scrubbed, cleaned and sanitized.

I want to bring my items to Sturdy Stitches, how and when can I do this? And how long does it take?

You can call us and we can set up a time for you to drop off your units for repairs. If you need to ship your units to us we can setup a delivery time. You may also send us an email with the pictures of the repairs and we can call you with an estimate. Depending on the extent of the damage of your units and how many inflatables we have to repair, so the time it takes to finish can fluctuate.

Our office ours are by appointment only

Our phone line is open 7days a week for inquires and any questions you may have.

What type of payment do you accept?

We typically take a 50% deposit up front on the basic pricing, When we are done with your equipment the remaining 50% balance is due upon pick-up or shipping. We accept Cash, and Company Checks .(Please note that if you are paying with a company check we will need a 7-10 clearing period before you can pick-up your items)



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